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What is the difference between Ecklonia Cava and Ecklonia Bicyclis?

Roger Drummer is a formulator, a U.S. Patent holder and a NCCAOM Diplomate of Chinese Herbology who travels extensively throughout North America lecturing on the benefits of Chinese Tonic herbalism and
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Ecklonia Cava and Ecklonia Bicyclis extracts are marine plant species that are derived from edible brown algae harvested from the waters off the south western coastline of Japan, Korea and south eastern coastline of China. Their molecular structures are very similar in terms of natural occurring constituents. Differences lie in their polyphenol (phlorotannins) value. Both species contain Eckol, Bieckol, Dieckol and Phlorofucofuroekol*, however, the Bicyclis species also contains Phloroglucinol, Phloroglucinol Tetramer and another unknown phenolic that we have not been able to identify**. Ecklonia Bicyclis has a greater variety of polyphenols and is more comprehensive in the way it behaves as an antioxidant. Ecklonia Cava, on the other hand, has fewer polyphenols but the polyphenols it does contain are more concentrated. Both are extremely effective as antioxidants and work well in conjunction with other supplements and vitamins. Thousands of people throughout Asia have been consuming these types of algae for centuries.

All studies indicate that there is no toxicity at any level. Numerous clinical tests have been done and no adverse effects have been found at any human dosage level of 1-10mg/kg.


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Algoran LifeForce formula is a blend of Ecklonia Cava and Nano-Curcumin. These two natural ingredients are considered by many researchers to possess properties that are extremely effective in reducing inflammation and oxidative stress. 

Inflammation is part of all disease states and nano-curcumin shuts off the master switch for inflammation in the body. It is the preferred antioxidant for smokers, those with arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease and pain. It can also be taken as an overall protective herb for general health. Combined with ecklonia cava, Algoran LifeForce can be used as a master antioxidant and anti-inflammatory formula for any adverse condition in the body. 

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