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Beet Juice Powder
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Why the new pricing? People tell us they're buying from Amazon because it's cheaper. Well, of course. It comes from China. You know China. They're the country that sent us pet treats that poisoned our pets and kids toys with lead paint.

We do not compete Amazon. That is comparing apples and oranges.
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Organic Beet Juice Powder (The Best Price On The Web!)
Article: Beet juice might be the secret to staying young

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Beet Juice Powder
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Here is a recent testimonial for our Beet Juice Powder

In October 2006, I was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. Since then I had many different medications, treatments and surgeries. I now have a pacemaker and have finally arrived at a good balance of medications and exercise to keep a-fib well managed - except I was constantly tired and easily fatigued.

Iíve seen many ads for the Superbeets product and finally did some searching on Google Scholar to see if there was any science behind the claims. Turns out there is lots of science indicating positive results, but I was uncomfortable with the other ingredients added to Superbeets and cost.

I found your product after searching online. Iíve been drinking 1 heaping teaspoon in 16 ounces of diluted fruit juice a couple of times a day. So far, my maximum heart rate has dropped from 174 to the mid-150s and I no longer wheeze when walking uphill or arrive home winded and wanting to lay down.

This isnít a cure for a-fib, but it absolutely increases my level of energy and  decreases post-exercise fatigue. Since your product is just powdered beet juice, I donít have to worry about any interactions with current a-fib or type 2 diabetes medications. It just works.

Steve Stone

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