If you are thinking of purchasing these products on Amazon, think again.

Amazon is not our competition. We have no competition. We are called Simply the Best for a damn good reason. Our products are simply the best, and if you are comparing price only, you are comparing the prices of apples and oranges.

Our sales have slacked off recently, and I wrote to customers asking them why they’ve not purchased lately. Most refused to respond, but the few who did told us flat out that they got it much cheaper at Amazon.

So I did the research. I found the companies selling their products below our costs and went to their home sites to contact their corporate offices, demanding the paperwork on some of their products, from certifications, to analysis, to country of origin and country of processing, and even to the method of processing.

Some of these companies were buying from China at around 10 cents an ounce. (We compare ounces because when we sell, we price our products and sell by the ounce.)

I’m sure you know about China; the country that sent us children’s toys with lead paint. And don’t forget the pet snacks that poisoned your pets. 

Another company bought theirs from India and had them processed in Thailand and for some reason, the products were “chemically” extracted and they were still allowed to call their products organic.

Here is a photo of their beet juice powder.


This is not the color of beet juice powder.

This is the color of real, organic beet juice.

And now get this: California passed Proposition 65, which means that if you want to sell something in California and it has certain toxins in it, you must post this: Warning: According to the State of California, this product contains chemicals known to be potentially linked to cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Every product I found, when I searched long enough, had that warning.

Our products are simply the best. They are grown and processed in the USofA. Unless we don’t have them here, like our Mangosteen Pericarp. If from outside the country, the products are inspected by the company that sells us these products wholesale. And they are very thorough. Like us, they have a reputation to maintain.

They are NP Nutra. You can go to their site (click on their logo), and you’ll find that each product comes with nearly 25 documents, documenting the quality, the assay of ingredients, the country of origin, and even trace levels of ingredients.

If there is any paperwork you want on any of our superfoods, just ask.

We have no competition on eBay or Amazon.

If you are buying something cheaper, you're getting what you pay for.

If you’re buying elsewhere, you’re getting what you pay for.

When you buy from us, you know you are getting the best.

And you have to always keep in mind that all these powders have to have things added to them to keep them from turning rock solid. The additives are NOT fillers. NP Nutra has been distributing nutraceuticals and guaranteeing top quality for 20 years. We trust them, and we’d love you to trust us. We promise you no less than the best.

Also please keep in mind that we are all volunteers here and our profits go to charity.

Su Beutz
CEO Simply the Best