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Minnesota Wellness Products, Inc. is a not a federal nonprofit corporation, though we act as if were. We are a Minnesota nonprofit. We pay federal tax. The products we sell have been research by others who we support with our profits.

Most who work here are volunteers, and we hire only the people with disabilities when we need help. Only our CEO gets any compensation, and, she'll tell you, that's minimal. 

When possible, we supply the needy, who are deathly ill, with these same products at no cost to them.

All of our profits go to a charity that has the integrity to stand up to 
the moneyed interests and offer to the world an alternative, 
clear picture of total health and wellness. 
Minnesota Wellness Products, Inc.
DBA: Simply the Best
PO Box 1
Grandy MN, 55029

Small Foot Print

We believe in minimal packaging so that you may reuse the containers right after you empty and wash them. We don't stick labels (unless you require them) on most of our products. We send the label along with the product. Our paper is 100% post consumer recycled. We don't put plastic safety seals on our products because there is no middle-man. They come directly from us to you and if someone put poison in them, it had to be us, BUT we believe that in order to have return customers, businesses shouldn't poison them.

We hope you got a smile out of that.

But again, if you want a safety label on your product, we will glue a paper sticker (like a liquor bottles' tax stamp) on the cover then glued to the container that must be broken to open the container. You just have to write us before you order: stbestone@gmail.com

Neither the products nor this site are designed to diagnose or treat you. Your health is in your hands. 
If you are sick, see a physician. We make no claims about our products. If you want information about 
the product, please click the links supplied and go read about them. We sell these products hoping they 
will make you feel better and that they will work for you. If they do not or you respond adversely
to them, just contact us at stbestone@gmail.com,. Your money will be refunded immediately.