We Do Not Ship Celtic Sea Salt Outside The US


This Mortar & Pestle is the best of the best. We've had ours for over 10 years. It grinds up and powders everything.



Celtic Sea Salt
Light Grey

We ship via the United States Post Office
Postal Rates have gone up, but we have not raised shipping costs.


Because of supply and demand, one pound of the light grey is selling for $70.00 on Amazon.

Costs have been crazy, but we have the Light Grey in stock and we are selling it for $23.00 / pound.


And if you have trouble ordering (PayPal is screwing up), just write us at:
and we will invoice you.

One Pound Light Grey Celtic Sea Salt
$23.00/lb + shipping

PayPal no longer handles shipping properly (they're working on it) but in the meanwhile, you must add shipping to any order of Celtic Sea Salt.

Shipping for up to Two Pounds

Shipping for Three or more Pounds

We apologize for the hassle but our customers know that if you end up paying too much for shipping we do refund the excess after we've shipped.

We've received requests for the fine ground. It is not available, however if you give us permission to grind it up in our mortar and pestle (or blender), we can make up special orders. The reason we need your permission is that the commercial kitchen where we pack our salt doesn't have a blender or mortal and pestle and this must take place in our home kitchen, and so yes, we need your specific permission to grind up the salt.

Write to me here stating that you're giving me permission to grind it up, and tell us how many pounds you'd like (at $39.00/pound) and we will invoice you.


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