Hemorrhoid Kit

From all the responses, we've had only success with this little kit though, as you can guess, nobody wants to leave a testimonial.

So now we are making it available to everyone.

You'll get an 8 ounce BP Free Plastic container with 3 ounces of BACO and one of Ron Salley's Miracle Skin Healon PF.

All you do is add three to four ounces of distilled or filtered water and then add cotton pads, slowly.

After each bowel movement, wipe clean with toilet paper. After that, use one to two pads of the BACO cleanser to get really clean.

Then shake the Healon PF vigorously and apply thee to four drops onto the affected area. You should see results in a week; sometimes two weeks to completely heal.

8 oz BP Free Plastic with 3 oz BACO. Healon PF Premium Ovals
(find at a local drugstore)
$55.00 Free Shipping
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