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BACOOxygen Rich Solution

BACO is one atom of silver bonded with multitudes of oxygen atoms .

It is the most powerful sanitizing agent (disinfectant) known to human kind. It not only kills bacteria and viruses (pathogens) on contact, it stays on the surface to kill returning pathogens.

Studies at Creighton University show that, at a 1 to 2 ratio (BACO to water) it successfully wiped out three major pathogens. (See image below the BACO Label.)


Many sites on the Internet selling something called Covalent Silver Solution are frauds. At one time, if you searched for those three terms, you would get 714,000 results. We have thoroughly researched this product and took us over 16 years to find the inventor. We also found that nearly every site selling something they refer to as "Covalent Silver Solution" was a fraud. Over the years, those fraudulent sites have slowly been shut down because they've violated copyright laws and were unwilling to face lawsuits. As of January 2016, this is the only site selling the original product made by William Blessing. It's real name is BACO and it comes directly from a company established while the inventor was still alive.

 1 Quart BACO
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 4 Quarts of BACO (One Case)
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Kitchen and Bathroom Germicide

A study out of Creighton University (see image at right) conducted by Christine C Sanders, PhD, showed that 1:2 dilution, BACO killed, on contact, e-coli, staph, and  P. aeruginosa, as multi-drug resistant pathogen. Additionally, BACO goes into the surface upon which it is used and continues to kill germs for days. However, further studies showed that BACO killed germs when four ounces were mixed with water to make a gallon. The inventor always used it as a germicide, most often, in a 1:4 dilution. 

Bathroom Wipes

To feel really fresh and know you are fresh, here is a we use in our home.

1 ½ Cups Distilled/Filtered Water
¼ Cup BACO
We have stopped using Aloe Vera because of the mold it creates. We've learned that it's harmless, but it just looks nasty.

Put all ingredients into an 8 ounce container (volume), shake well, then add some cotton ovals.  We use the Premium Ovals you see pictured here. You can compress nearly this entire pack of 50 into that 16 oz container if you press firmly but slowly (to let them absorb the liquid).

When you order a bottle of BACO, we can send you an 16 oz plastic container for $2.00 (no extra shipping).

Guaranteed, your family (and friends) will love this.

16 oz PP Plastic Jar

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