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Lundberg Black Pearl Rice


We are handling this product as a favor to those who cannot find it locally. However, it's heavy, weighs just over a pound, and shipping costs can be greater than the cost of the product, so if you want to save some money (we are selling this at the lowest price on the web), it would be best to order this along with other products. If we ship it along with something else and save some money, we will refund you what we can off the shipping costs right after it goes out the door.

This particular rice was raised in China and only the Royal Family partook of it, that is until today. It is highly charged with antioxidants, about the same as an equal amount of blueberries. The husks are still on (it's not been processed), so there's lots of fiber, meaning your blood sugar won't spike as it can when eating processed white rice. And if you serve it (like all starches) at room temperature, you're getting resistant starch, which breaks down in your colon, has fewer calories, and acts as a pre-biotic (food for your good bacteria). 


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