Integrity Direct Has Resurrected!

Integrity Direct is the company that manufactures Omegasentials. Sadly, the owners of the company passed away, both within a few months of each other and we lost our connection to Omegasentials.

However, the GOOD NEWS is, the company is under new management and we are making Omegasentials.

Omegasentials is NOW available for sale. However, you should know that we make the product ONLY after it has been ordered. On Sundays, we use the commercial kitchen at our local co-op to mix the flax with the secret formula. The following Monday and Tuesday we will ship the orders.

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Omegasentials is packaged one pound and 14oz (at a discount) Vacuum Sealed Bags, Half Gallon, and Gallon containers. When we tested the product, the Half Gallon held 2.5 pounds, and the Gallon held 4 pounds. These figures could change, but slightly, because the flax we order, organic, milled flax can weigh differently on each order. Don't ask us why.

Please Note
We are no longer able to get our Organic Golden Flax.

The flax we have procured is still high quality and NON-GMO.

Thus we have lowered the price.

Just know this:

We can fit FOUR pound containers in one medium flat rate box, shipping $15.00.

We can fit TWO Gallon containers in one medium flat rate box, shipping $15.00

We can fit THREE Gallon containers, or TWO Gallon containers in one large flat rate box, shipping $20.50.

And there will be room in these boxes for other "small" products, such as Ron Salley's creams/lotions. In the large flat rate, a bottle of BACO will fit along with any order fitting in a large flat rate box.

For now, we are going to call the half gallon container, 2 POUNDS, and the gallon container, 4 pounds. (After a while we should figure out how to handle weights.) However, we fill to the top so there is actually a little extra in each container.

1 Pound Omegasentials in a Vacuum Packed Bag
$21.00 + S&H
Something New!
14 Ounces in a Vacuum Sealed Bag at $5.00 off the above price.
(There is a savings in shipping that we pass onto you if this is the only thing you're ordering.
you'll save money with this choice. )

$19.69 $16.00 + S&H
I am purchasing ONE item Only

2 Pounds (One Half Gallon) Omegasentials
$40.00 + S&H

4 Pounds (Two Half Gallons) Omegasentials
$75.00 + S&H

 8 Pounds (Two Gallons) Omegasentials
$130.00 + S&H

We reserve the right to refuse to ship to certain countries. These countries have no reciprocal agreements with our US Post Office.

And if you  have any questions, just write to:

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