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J5-Hyper V
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400LM J5 Hyper V Tactical Flashlight. LED with Adjustable Focus Zoom Light Lamp (Head of the flashlight can be pulled out to focus the beam).
Powerful, bright, blinding effect.
Skid-proof design & waterproof design.
Output bright can come to 400 lumens (MAX).
This flashlight uses 3 AAA batteries (not included)

Powerful, extremely bright, blinding effect.
Skid-proof design.
Output bright can come max to 400 lumens (manufacturer rated).
Adjustable focus range for different usage, stretching to adjust its focus.
Clip for convenience carry. Working voltage is wide and can utilize the batteries in the largest extent. Suitable for hunting, cycling, climbing, camping and outdoor activity, etc.

Modes: On-Off. Strobe, Lo, High
Color: Black
Lumens: 400LM (manufacturer rated)
Reflector: Convex Lens
Material: Aluminum alloy
Model of LED: J5 HYPER V LED
Switch: Tail-cap press ON/OFF
Battery: Use 3 AAA batteries (not included)
Size: 5*1.25*1inch
Weight: 3.7oz


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