All our Aminocare products are new and improved. They were designed by Dr Burzynski of Houston, Texas.  

Our inventory is past its expiration date. Some of you know, like I know, that the expiration date is slapped on these things capriciously.

The prices below are as cheaper than you'll ever find them, and when they're gone, we will no longer handle this line. We just lose money on products that expire in a year.

Besides, we have an anti-wrinkle cream from Ron Salley that is second to none.




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Aminocare® A10 Daily Supplement: $115.95
120 Tablets (30 day supply)
Take two tablets twice a day before meals.

Expired Mar 2017

Aminocare® Cream: $48.95
30 Gram Jar

Expired Mar 17 but has been refrigerated while in inventory

Keep Refrigerated!


Both Aminocare® A10 and  Aminocare® Cream:


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Please read our Shipping Policy.

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